Nahdi Central Gas

Proceeding from increase needed to an important and main ingredient that's natural and industry gas. Nahdi foundation for contacting central gas established. It's specialized foundation in central gas fields and security system. It works according to specification certificated from industry capacity gas company, views and all employee categories that's contract with there:
Hotels,Palaces, Factories, Tourism Resorts, Commercial Centre, Villages(Compounds).
Contracting Companies, kinds of works and projects, we have all kinds of contracting in foundation.
Contracting maintenance of gas net works with follow packaging gas tanks.
Continously contracting main terance only and the kind of this contracting according to employees needed.
Labor providing only. Providing nessary materials for work and providing labor together.
Installation and extend gas network according to gas company manufacturing capacity adjectives.
Installation security devices (gas leak detectors /security values /some pices which use in execution works).

Download company file of gas and manufacturing capacity company.

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